Friday, May 25, 2012

New D|Focus / JAG35 Rig Bundles

By popular demand we are now carrying a line of JAG35 shoulder rigs bundled with D|Focus products! We are always looking for ways to keep our prices down and make purchasing easier for new comers to the film making game. JAG35's rigs have steadily improved in quality and performance over the last year or so, so we are super excited to have them bundled with our products. If you are new to DSLR shooting (or shooting in general) and are looking to improve your handheld game, these bundles are for you! We have three rig bundles available:

 The Street Runner:
This is a newer rig to JAG35's line and is also their smallest, lightest rig. It will work very well for smaller, lightweight cameras like the Panasonic GH2 or Canon T2i/T3i. It uses standard 15mm rods and baseplate so it can be expanded with other accessories. This makes it a perfect starting rig as you can build it up to whatever your shooting requires.

The Field Runner:
The Field runner is a nice step up from the Street Runner, including an extended, offset shoulder pad and two handles. Like the Street runner it uses standard 15mm rods so it can be expanded to a full shoulder rig in the future.

The Austin Rig:
This is my personal favorite JAG35 rig and the next logical step up from the Field Runner. The counter weight and single, offset handle provide excellent balance and comfort with one hand on the rig and the other on the D|Focus. It will work best of you add a viewfinder, like the Zacuto Z-Finder or LCDVF.

These Rig bundles are available from our dealers and of course  Check them out