Friday, November 27, 2009

Shipping Prices Have Increased

Since I started selling the D|Focus keeping the shipping and handling costs down have been a priority, especially international shipping. My solution was to use USPS Priority mail small flat rate boxes. They are provided for free from the USPS so all one has to do is print the label online and stick it to the box. These have the lowest international shipping rate I could find and they save me the time of having to fill out customs forms by hand.

Unfortunately the small flat rate boxes are, well, small. I just found out today, the hard way, that there is no way I'm going to fit a D|Focus V2, 3 Pro Lens Gears and a DSRL mount in that box. I have to use a larger box.

International shipping charges will now be $22 and $35 depending on what size box is required.

The D|Focus System is meant to be a low budget follow focus solution and keeping all costs down is a priority. I wish I was like BHPhoto or Newegg and could offer really cheap, or free shipping. Maybe someday...


  1. Bhphotovideo offers insanely expensive shipping to CANADA. Your shipping is still reasonable. :)

  2. You should offer the choice of shippers to your customers. In turn, they can choose to absorb the cost (or not). Reason for this, some peeps prefer UPS Priority, others USPS, especially when it comes to customs.

    Nice work Dave.

  3. @Nicolas I here you as I generally prefer to have packages shipped UPS over USPS.

    My main problem with this is coming up with a way to calculate the shipping cost ahead of time. USPS flat rate service makes that easy, as long as I can fit the stuff in the box.

    Plus USPS provides boxes for free. If I went with UPS or Fedex I would have to also buy boxes.

    Thanks for the suggestion though. It's something to look into in the future.