Thursday, April 19, 2012

Introducing the D|Cage for the GH2

Introducing the D|Cage for the GH2

At NAB this year we showed our new Cage designed specifically for the Panasonic GH2, the D|Cage. 

The D|Cage currently will only work with the GH2.  [Unfortunately the GH1 is just slightly different and will not mount in the D|Cage.]  The D|Cage is made of CNC machined aluminum and has full access to the camera's battery door, memory card door, control switches and every other function.  You can let the camera "live" in the cage.  There are a whole bunch of 1/4-20" tapped holes allowing the user to mount all kinds of accessories and configure many different kinds of rigs.  The D|Cage also has an integrated HDMI cable clamp to keep those pesky mini-HDMI cables from coming loose.

The D|Cage is not yet available, but we hope to be able to start shipping them this spring.  The projected price is around $300.

Here are some pictures of the prototype, showing some details and example configurations.  We'll get some more official pictures up in the next couple of weeks.  We also have some sample units out to testers / bloggers. In the mean time, feel free to shoot me an email if you would like any more info -