Thursday, July 22, 2010

D|Focus Announces Sponsorship Deal With Zippy Zac Majors

Last week, I spend a couple days up in beautiful Santa Barbara California to shoot a promotion video for "Zippy" Zac Majors, pro hang glider pilot, hang gliding instructor and all around cool guy. Zippy is one of the top pilots in the world but hang gliding is not a sport that attracts major sponsorship deals and the cost of international competition can be quite high.


I am very proud to announce that D|Focus is an official sponsor of Zippy in all his hang gliding efforts. In exchange for sponsorship funding Zippy will wear the D|Focus logo atop his glider and help take part in various film projects to help showcase D|Focus gear in action as well as get valuable field test time. I am happy to report that over 3 days of shooting the new D|Focus V3 worked very well in a variety of environments.

Here is Zippy doing his thing over the Beach:

Here Zippy does a fly over of me on my D|Focus branded glider:

Zippy being interviews by Jared Abrams about DSLRs and hang gliding for

In case you guys don't already know, hang gliding is my passion. Its my motivation for film making and building affordable film making accessories. There is a reason my Vimeo page is almost all hang gliding videos! So its pretty natural for me to channel some of the D|Focus profits back into the community (and hopefully get some valuable advertising and promotion out of it.)

Zippy leaves for Italy in a few days where he (along with 4 other pilots) will be representing the US in the "Pre-Worlds" hang gliding championships. We here at D|Focus wish him the best of luck!

I hope to have the promotional film up in a couple of days and will update this post when its ready!


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  1. Thats awesome Dave! You've always helped out in sponsoring communities your a part of, be it local or online, that is one of the great things about your company.