Monday, December 13, 2010

Info On The D|Matte

Hello everyone, this post is long over due.

I have been posting little bits of info on twitter (@dfocus) about the upcoming D|Matte Matte Box but have yet to post anything formal, so here we go.

The D|Matte, like the D|Focus, is an entry level product intended for amateur/hobbiest/student film makers on a budget. It has been designed from the ground up for use with HDSLR cameras.

List of features:

- Two 4x4 filter tray-less filter holders (one rotating.) No filter trays here, just slide the filter into the slot.
- Wide angle lens compatible. Will work with lenses as wide as 20-24mm (depending on the lens) on a full frame camera.
- Clip on design will fit pretty much any lens with filter threads up to 82mm. This includes all Canon L series lenses (except for the super telephoto) and Zeiss primes.
- Each D|Matte will come with an 82mm attachment ring. Use step-up rings to fit smaller lenses.
- Included top french flag.
- Made of injection molded plastic (probably ABS and polycarbonate, not 100% sure yet and won't be until the tools are finished.)

Future options:

- Height adjustable, swing away rail mount attachment. (This may be available at the same time as the D|Matte. If not, it should follow shortly.)
- Side Flags. These will follow the D|Matte by 2 - 3 months and will be an upgrade for purchase.
- Once everything is out there will likely be a combo deal including all accessories.

I'm pretty excited about the D|Matte. Its something I have been wanting for a while now myself and an area where I think there is room in the market. Many matte boxes are designed for Cine style lenses and as a result have to be quite large and heavy, not exactly ideal for HDSLR work.

The fact that it's going to be mostly injection molded means there will be much less production work for us to do which means that we should be able to get them out much faster and [hopefully] not experience that same delays we are constantly facing with the D|Focus.

The D|Matte, like the D|Focus will not be sold direct, but will be available through our dealers. This helps keep our overhead down so we can just concentrate on building products while letting someone else deal with the shipping (which is a ton more work than one might think.) The retail price is expected to be $299.99 for the basic snap-on version which includes the adapter ring and french flag. [Price & features subject to change]

I do not have any good pictures as the prototype looks somewhat rough, but these should help you get a basic idea:

EDIT - Forgot to mention, its looking like the D|Matte will be available mid-February +/- a couple weeks.


  1. But I want one now! This and the Gorilla Plate Adapter together would answer all my prayers.

  2. Yeah.. I'll be buying 2 of those.

  3. I have a question concerning the filter-trays, or lack there of. Is it/will it be possible to adjust the hight of a filter, in the holder? I use graduated ND filters and I would therefore like to have the ability to move these around in the matte box, in order to align them to the horizon.

    Regards Marius

  4. Probably not to the degree you are looking for Marius. The filter slots have a "bottom" to prevent the filter from slipping through to the ground. However you could still probably get what you are looking for by running the grad filter in the rotating tray and rotating it upside down.

  5. While I don't use a DSLR (I use the Casio EX-F1 for high speed only), I do use a JVC GZ-HD6, and I have been looking at the Mattebox's from India and I was hoping that yours might compete with them. well, I still might try your follow focus in a product review in late 2011 as funds permit

  6. What is the eta now for the release?

  7. Unfortunately we are going to miss NAB with the D|Matte. It probably won't be ready to ship for as much as another month or so after. The injection molding is proving to be far more complex and thus time consuming than we anticipated. I will have some semi-prototypes to show at NAB however.